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thing_in_150's Journal

500 words a day is easy
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Five months is about a semester.

Five hundred words is about two double-spaced pages.

National Novel Writing Month (1,667 words a day) may have been too big a commitment for you. Some of us were even hesitant to join the Novel_in_90 community (750 words a day). Small steps are fine, as long as you keep making them.

If you can write 500 words a day for one-hundred fifty days, you'll have written 75,000 words. Whether that's a novel, a set of short stories, a non-fiction book, or a very long shopping list is up to you. If you're working on a revision or a second draft, how you count your words is up to you: you provide your goals, your progress, and some honesty, and we'll hold you accountable.

There will be a daily post for you to add (as a comment) your word count for the day. There will be a weekly post for you to add (as a comment) your total word count compared to your goal word count (3,500 words x the number of weeks). Keep yourself honest, and accept the cheers or jeers of the rest of the group.