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Ridicule, shaken or stirred? will that be straight up or on ice?

I just stopped by to say, dailyness for me is not going so well this month. And I've been meaning to make that remark for the better part of a week. But I find I am not the only one. In fact I am not even on LJ on a daily basis, so my habits are clearly something different from what they once were. Can I stand y'all a round of jeering and ridicule for everyone? order up!
new year


My dailyness of writing is improving as the month goes on. Being as I write a lot in longhand, and in various online thingies that count toward the dailiness, word count is not an effective guidepost. Maybe another 3000 (longhand) since my last note here.

Thus I have great respect for the effort of anyone who attempts to remind other people of their commitments on a daily basis. I don't actually expect that from this community. But I was noodling around on, and decided I don't need that just now as have this among other various behavioral prompts in place. Some interesting short essays there about motivational science.
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any interest in Thing as a "daily accountability" community?

Fellow Thingers --

Is there any interest in using thing_in_150 as a "daily accountability" community?

IE, each day post here what writing you did that day - new words, revision, etc.

While I was never working on a big thing, but instead lots of little things (I'm a short fiction person), I did like the "accountability" aspect of it - the group keeping each other going through daily productivity reports.

So, think about it, reply here, and if folks are interested I'd be happy to throw up a daily "count em down" post for people to comment on with daily production.

new year

September begins

And it's not much, but I wrote 500 words today. Had them all ready to key, in longhand. (There were some iambic pentameters that came up on my walk, too, that I haven't written down yet.) I heard somewhere that 500 words a day is easy. Hah! If I can keep this up for a month... I will have a lot of words written, and maybe get back into the swing of it. We're not even going to think about November, much less January.

"We work in the dark, we do what we can, we give what we have. The rest is the madness of art." (Henry James, from "The Middle Years")